Name of the staff : Dr. Usha R. Dongarwar
Designation: Senior Scientist and Head
Department: Agronomy
Contact No: 9403617113
Name of the staff : Dr. P.S.Umbarkar
Designation: Subject Matter Specialist
Department: Plant Protection
Contact No: 9421138936

Name of the staff :Dr.P.B.Khirari  
Designation:Subject Matter Specialist
Department: ASDS
Contact Number-9518910899
Name of the staff : Shri.P.P.Parwate  
Designation:Subject Matter Specialist
Department: Extension Education
Contact Number- 7588191560
Name of the staff : Shri Y.R.Mahalle  
Designation:Subject Matter Specialist
Department:Agril. Engineering
Contact Number-9326279798
Name of the staff : Mrs. K D. Tayade
Designation: Subject Matter Specialist
Department: Horticulture
Contact No.: 8275557251

Name of the staff: Shri.K.S.Gaikwad  
Designation:Programme Assistant
Contact Number-9511674992
Name of the staff: Shri. Somanath B. Gavate
Contact Number-7756891949
Name of the staff: Shri.M.P.Sukhdeve  
Designation:Driver Cum Mechanical
Contact Number-7276616660
Name of the staff: Miss. A.R. Edhole
Designation:Skill Helper
Contact Number-7796789987
Name of the staff:Shri. N.G.Dongare
Designation:Skill Helper
Contact Number-9702709933