Goat Unit

  • The goat unit is subsidiary enterprises for agriculture. There is need to upliftment of women, unemployed person, Rural youth by beginning of goat unit.
  • Goat unit is an important component of integrated farming system.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra has established goat unit during 2018-19 as demonstration purpose for farmers.
  • Goat unit having four number of goats in which 3 female and 1 male of Usmanabadi breed.
  • In our area most suitable breed of goat is Usmanabadi used for rearing purpose.
  • Goats are blackish in colour. An average weight of male is 45-50 kg. The average weight of female is 35-40 kg.
  • Twining percentage of female is more as compare to local breed of goat. So KVK has demonsrated the improved breed of Usmanabadi goat unit