District Profile


(Major farming systems/enterprises (based on the analysis made by the KVK)

S. No Farming system/enterprise
1 Rice based farming system (Rice-Animal husbandry, Vegetables, Fishery)
2 Rice based farming system (Rice- Vegetables)

Description of Agro-climatic Zone & major agro ecological situations (based on soil and topography)

Soil type

Sl. No. Agro-climatic Zone Characteristics
1 Rice –Pulses sub zone Annual precipitation 1400-1650 mm
2 Rice –Rabi sorghum sub zone 1250-1400 mm
3 Multi crop rabi dominated sub zone 1250-1300 mm


S. No. Agro ecological situation Characteristics
1 Rice –Pulses sub zone Annual precipitation 1400-1650 mm
2 Rice –Rabi sorghum sub zone 1250-1400 mm
3 Multi crop rabi dominated sub zone 1250-1300 mm

Soil Types

S. No Soil type Characteristics Area in ha
1 Entisols (Shallow soil) Gray in colour, Depth – 7.5 CM, pH- 7-8, well-drained, WHC less, Very low in org. C, avail. N & P & medium in avail. K. Suitable for forest plant like Neem, Subabhul, Eucalyptus, Bamboo. 3.62 lakh ha.
2 Alfisols (Reddish brown) pH-6.5-7.5, WHC medium, low in available nutrient. Suitable for rice, teak, bamboo, and eucalyptus etc. 3.37 lakh ha.
3 Inceptisols (Medium deep black) Depth-25-5 cm, Depth- 7.5-25 cm; pH- 7.5-8.5, well drained, WHC less, Low in organic C, Available N, & P. Available K is very high. Suitable for pulses & oilseeds 2.51 lakh ha.


Area, Production and Productivity of major crops cultivated in the district (2022-23)

S. No Crop Area (ha) Production (MT.) Productivity (Qt./ha)
1 Paddy 175403 239775 13.67
2 Wheat 19056 19056 10.00
  Other Cereals
  Total Cereals 194459 258831 23.67
3 Gram 8100 6480 8.00
4 Tur 8200 5059 6.17
5 Mug, Udid
  Other pulses
  Total Pulses 16300 11539 14.17
6 Linseed 3800 1292 3.40
7 Sesamum 500 174 3.49
8 Soyabean 8061 5844 7.25
  Total oilseeds 10046 6340 9.75
9 Sugarcane 1600 112000 70.00


 Production and productivity of livestock, Poultry, Fisheries etc. in the district

Category Population Production Productivity
Buffalo 95814 74179
Goats 201605
Pigs 423
Hens 287611
Category   Production (Q.) Productivity
Fish (Reservoir)      

Priority thrust areas:

Crop/Enterprise Thrust area
Agronomy/Entomology Integrated Nutrient Management in all crops
  Integrated Pest Management in all crops
  Crop diversification
  Agri entrepreneurship development
  Lack of irrigation water
  Multi resistant varieties of crops
  Poor economic condition
  Lack of knowledge about new technologies
  Need implements for rabi cultivation
  More pest infestation in kharif paddy
Livestock& Dairy Needs upgradation of local breeds of cow, buffalo, goat, etc.
  Need Improvement in milk productivity of milch animals.
  Improvement in health of milch animal.
  Need to increase area under forage crop.
  Commercialization of dairy enterprise.
  Reduction in cost of feed through enrichment of poor quality roughages and preparation of own feed mixed.
  Popularization of deworming and vaccination of animal
Horticulture Improvement in productivity of horticultural crops
  Multiplication of disease free planting material.
  Knowledge about package of practices for vegetable, fruit and flower crops
  Improvement of post harvest handling of horticultural crops
Mechanization To mechanize seed bed preparation, nursery preparation, Puddling , transplanting, intercultural and harvesting operation in paddy cultivation
  To mechanize seed bed preparation, sowing/planting and harvesting operation in rabi crop cultivation
Soil water conservation To introduce the soil and water conservation measures for storage and utilization of rain water
Extension Education Organisation of farmers group and their capacity building
  Promotion of micro financing, linkages with banks
  Secondary agriculture and Entrepreneurship development
  Market intelligence
  Promotion of agricultural insurance and subsidiary occupations
  TOT for Knowledge dissemination and boosting rate of adoption of improved technology
  Establishment, strengthening and utilization of linkages and Use of ICT
  To introduce the micro irrigation methods (drip/sprinkler irrigation methods)
Family Nutrition Nutrition education and food security of rural families
Drudgery  reduction Promotion of drudgery reducing farm implements for women.
  Entrepreneurship development in fruit and vegetable processing and mushroom cultivation.